Frequently Asked Questions - Animal Health Professionals

How do I purchase myBuddy pet app for my practice?

How much training will my team need?

Is there a minimum contract?

What support is available?

How much will myBuddy pet app(c) cost?

How can I chat to my customers who use the app?

Will my customers really use an app to book appointments?

Why is myBuddy pet app (c) so much cheaper than the alternatives?

How will myBuddy pet app (c) use my customer data?

What systems do you integrate with?

Will I have time to manage myBuddy pet app (c) queries?

What happens if my customers don't use myBuddy pet app (c)?

Can I advertise with myBuddy pet app (c)?

How do my clients register with my practice using myBuddy pet app (c)?

What marketing support will I receive from myBuddy pet app (c)?

Will myBuddy pet app (c) users be targeted for ads?

I sell food and pet accessories, how is myBuddy pet app (c) relevant to my business?